Kindle Fans! “Raspberries on Tummies” is at Friday, Aug 9 2013 

Hello my fellow fans and friends 🙂 I was just clicking around and hadn’t checked out my book’s page in a long time, so I stopped by. I just discovered that Amazon is offering a Kindle version of my book! I was surprised as no one mentioned to me that an e-format was available… in any case, “Happy Reading!”


Merry Christmas 2012… A little rhyme at midnight ;-) Friday, Dec 21 2012 

And her sister lay a snoozing in her wheel-y sports chair
Half listening to my rhymes, too tired to care
But that is not the point of Christmas traditions
We keep old ones alive and make new additions
The fettuccine will be eaten on Christmas Eve
The Grinch, The Night Before Christmas will be read, there will be no reprieve!
Some things will be missing: a grand tree and some cousins
But we will hear by phone, loved ones, by the dozens!
As we grow older and responsibilities loom
The magic can get sucked out of Christmas too soon
So remember your childhood and Christmases past
Remember the magic and do your best to make it last!

Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noël, Buon Natale, Felize Navidad and Happy New Year.

Translation Services Available Saturday, Sep 1 2012 

If you need a translation English>French, please do not hesitate to contact me at: I prefer to be paid via Paypal. Have a great day!

Si vous avez besoin d’une traduction français>anglais, n’hésitez pas à me contacter à Je prefere des paiements via Paypal. Bonne journée!

You can find me under “Kristin Gillen” on the LinkedIn site (you must belong to the site) and view my c.v. in English. My c.v. is available in French by request.

Vous pouvez me trouver sous le nom “Kristin Gillen” au site LinkdIn (vous devez ĂŞtre inscrit au site)  et voir mon c.v. en anglais. Mon c.v. en français est disponible sur demande.




Raspberries On Tummies – Kristin M. Gillen : Xlibris Friday, Mar 9 2012 

Raspberries On Tummies – Kristin M. Gillen : Xlibris.

Need a blogger ? Tuesday, Dec 6 2011 

Any business in need of a blogger or Social Media Specialist, please contact me. I have great writing skills and am fluent in French so I can reach out to Canadian and European populations for you as well. Contact:

Translation Services available/ Les services de traduction disponible Friday, Sep 30 2011 

Si vous avez besoin d’une traduction français>anglais, n’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  me contacter Ă Je prefere des paiements via Paypal. Bonne journĂ©e!

My Book is on sale ! Check out Amazon. com or Tuesday, Jun 21 2011 

Cover of my book "Raspberries on Tummies"

OK, so it’s taking longer than feared…. Thursday, Jun 9 2011 

OK, so it’s taking longer than feared
I promised you posts and nothing’s appeared
I vow that I will soon get my act together
If this storm of procrastination is safely weathered
Raspberries on Tummies was giving me troubles
Which means that the paperwork quickly doubles
And soon I will tackle my next book to publish
And I assure you the quality will not be rubbish!
In a wee bit of time I will dig out prose of days gone by
In the hopes that you will give my blog a glace with an eager eye.





Will start to post a few poems very soon… Monday, May 23 2011 

Ladies and Gentlemen
Children held dear
Relax all your worries
Release all your fears.
For you have encountered
A space full of play.
Read on as new prose will be added
Almost each day.
My rhymes may have reason
But often may not.
Like Seuss and like Carroll
I write for a tot.
For patience is required for the world’s greatest novel
…A virtue I lack and for which I won’t grovel!

The last stages … Saturday, Mar 26 2011 

So, my first adventure in publishing a book is in its last stages. Once I approve the layout, “Raspberries on Tummies” will be for sale !

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